Live Round Collection Unit


Live Round Collection Unit


Emptying your garbage bin should not require you to wear a vest. Made of 3/8" Seamless Solid Tube, the ORI Live Round Collection Unit is a must have for all firing ranges. It allows for the secure collection of unfired cartridges, duds and rounds with bent or damaged casings.

We will custom engrave the tops of each unit with your club/range name or any additional information that you require. (Max 4 Lines). Discounts available if purchasing more than 3 units.

Special Order

Solid Tube Plug, knurled and fixed to top plate with multi-wire steel cable.

Bottom is secured with stainless steel lock pin, that can accommodate a padlock.

Steel handle with pressed handle cover.

Tube Diameter: 10"

Top Plate and Base Diameter : 12"

Height: 34"

Weight: 70 lbs

Please note that this is a Special Order item and is not covered by our flat fee shipping rate.

Made in Canada