American Built Arms Company ( AB Arms ) is a veteran owned business that specializes in the design and manufacture of high quality accessories for the the AR15 and most recently the Tavor platforms. We are impressed with them because of their commitment to offering high quality accessories and their dedication to customer satisfaction.

From AB Arms website:
"Our philosophy is to build it better and build it stronger because sometimes lives are on the line. Our goal is to present you with the best product at the best possible price. We will always manufacture our products in the United States of America and design them with the war fighter in mind. Our products will stand up to the rigors of combat, police and private security operations.
We promise to guarantee our products with our 60 day money-back guarantee. We will always listen to the reviews of the products we offer and will never sell an inferior product. We promise to always deliver service with a smile and are always here to help. When you work with American Built Arms Company you get people who want you to win because failure is not an option."

Visit them at https://www.abarms.com/

Chapman Manufacturing

Chapman Manufacturing was established in 1936 and has always been run with an eye for creating quality products, which explains the hundreds of glowing reviews from customers they've received over the past 78 years attesting to the quality, durability and handiness of their tools. People use Chapman midget ratchets and insert bits to repair and service everything from firearms to appliances, computers to dental equipment, and Apache helicopters! 

Visit them at http://www.chapmanmfg.com/

Condor Outdoors

Condor Outdoor founds its beginnings early on as a camping goods manufacturer. The earlier days of the company were more focused on getting people out into nature and experiencing the wonder of the outdoors.  As our product line expanded, the demand for function focused gear instead of general storage became more prevalent and as the War on Terror started we could not keep up with the demand for our products.

Our quality and price of the 3-day Assault Pack drew so much attention that it became the heart of our tactical product line. From here we've expanded from camping vests to tactical vests, and expanding the product offering to equip warfighters, law enforcement, and hunters with quality and affordable gear.

To celebrate the twenty year anniversary of Condor Outdoor Products, we are turning our eye back to our roots by innovating stylish functional tactical gear for the outdoor and urban communities with the Elite product line. With the focus on premium materials and quality craftsmanship, we hope to thank all those who serve, served, and will serve for the support in us and our products.

Visit them at http://www.condoroutdoor.com/index.aspx

HIPERFIRE is a small company out of Minnesota. They have designed an innovative fire control groups (FCG) for the AR platform, that allows for user adjustable trigger weight and very crisp, precise break without the common downside of unreliable primer strikes.



Hexmag is an exciting company out of Colorado, that is matching their innovation against the marketing prowess of the big polymer magazine manufacturers.

From Hexmag Website:

In March 2014 we officially sold our first HX30-AR magazine.

Hexmag broke the magazine design mold when it introduced its first product. Our patent pending design provides a superior grip that is missing on other magazines; it just looks and feels better. We spent a great deal of time testing our design, and chose not to rush into production even when we knew the market in 2013 was selling AR-15 magazines at a phenomenal rate.

Reviewers love our magazine; rifle manufacturers are giving us high praise on our design and price point. Our magazine works with a full range of 5.56 X 45 / .223 Remington and 300ACC Blackout ammunition.

Our hexagon shaped spring release button allows tool free disassembly of the HX30-AR magazine, making it easy to clean. The size of the release button made a perfect platform to introduce color. Our HexID Color Identification System was founded on the principle that gun owners purchase multiple types and calibers of ammunition. They want to know at a glance which ammunition type they have loaded. Previously gun owners were left up to their own devices to mark magazines, using paint and tape. We found it was easier to see color from a distance or when looking down in an ammunition pouch, a gear bag, or within a storage cabinet. Replacing the colored HexID pieces takes less than a minute, with no tools.

Visit them at http://www.hexmag.com/



Elzetta Flashlights are hands down the toughest flashlights on the planet. The have been subjected to very extreme testing by organizations and individuals and are consistently ranked as the go to brand for top quality lighting solutions.  Elzetta provides innovative tactical lighting solutions for military Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines, police and law enforcement officers, civilian home defense, personal protection, every day carry (EDC), spelunking (caving), survival, self defense, and many other tactical applications. 

Elzetta Tactical LED Flashlights and Flashlight Mounts are 100% Made in the USA. 

Visit them at http://www.elzetta.com/