Docter Sight III

Docter Sight3 front.png
Docter Sight3 back.png
Docter Sight3 front.png
Docter Sight3 back.png

Docter Sight III


The Brand New Docter Optic Sight III has all the benefits of the Sight C plus the ability to manually control the response curve of the dynamic dot intensity.

- High-trength monoblock housing made of special aluminium
- Water tight
- Precise, infinitely adjustable reticle adjustment without play
- Two-lens high-performance optical system with internal reflex coating
- Sharp dot image across the entire field of vision thanks to additional correction lens
- Three magnetically-controlled illuminated dot intensities
- Automatic illuminated dot regulation depending on the surrounding brightness
- Anatomically adapted brightness progression of the illuminated dot
- Compatible with night vision gear
- Easily mounted thanks to a large number of mounting adapters

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Magnification Range - 1x

Reticle Details - 3.5 or 7 MOA

Dimensions - (l x w x h) 1.8"x .98" x .90"

Weight - 0.88 oz / 25 grams

Battery - 1 x 3 Volt CR2032