SBI Ruger 10/22 Magazine Adapter

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1022 Mag Adapter Installed 1.jpg
1022 Mag Adapter Installed.jpg
1022 Mag Adapter.jpg
1022 Mag Adapter Installed 1.jpg
1022 Mag Adapter Installed.jpg

SBI Ruger 10/22 Magazine Adapter


The prohibition of high-capacity Ruger 10/22 magazines has been a failure of legislation in Canada. However, using a High-Capacity Remington 597 magazine in a Ruger 10/22 is perfectly legal. SBI has developed a magazine adapter to do just this. Their adapter has been approved by the RCMP and is 100% legal to use.

The adapter is made in Canada using a Carbon Fiber Composite 3d printed material. This has allowed them to produce a durable product while keeping the costs down.

Magazine Notice: We advise against using the black 30 round Remington 597 magazines. These magazines have a design defect which causes the follower to bind. The clear 30 round magazines, and Pro-Mag 597 magazines work best. You should also follow our posted magazine break in procedure.

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Material - Carbon Fiber Composite - 3D Printed

Finish - Textured

Classification - Legal For Use In 10/22 Rifles

Remington 597 Clear Magazine Break-In Procedure

The 30 round Remington 597 magazines require a break in period to function reliable and smoothly. Follow the below procedure to break in the magazine to ensure optimal feed reliability.

First use:

  1. Load the magazine to 30 rounds.

  2. Remove 20 rounds manually.

  3. Shoot the remaining 10 rounds.

  4. Load the magazine to 15 rounds.

  5. Shoot 15 rounds. Repeat 15 round loads until reliable feeding.

  6. Load the magazine to 20 rounds.

  7. Shoot 20 rounds. Repeat 20 round loads until reliable feeding.

  8. Load the magazine to 25 rounds.

  9. Shoot 25 rounds. By now the magazine should be working reliably. If not keep using the

    magazine at a lesser capacity until it cycles reliably.

  10. Load magazine to 30 rounds and use.

Notice: Ammo Lubrication

In some cases, depending on your chamber and ammunition used failure to feeds can occur. This is usually not related to the magazine but rather the ammunition and environment. You may improve reliability by oiling your ammunition lightly. Add 1 to 2 drops of premium gun oil to 100 rounds of ammunition leaving a light coat. This will lubricate the case and allow for easier chambering.

Notice: Black Remington 597 Magazines

The black Remington 597 Magazines should not be used. They are made with a different polymer causing the follower to bind to the magazine body. They rarely feed reliably. If you want black magazines, we suggest painting the clear ones.