Maglite Drop-In LED Upgrade


Maglite Drop-In LED Upgrade


This is a Drop-In LED Upgrade Conversion for the incandescent Maglite® Flashlight.

The Drop-In module is constructed of CNC machined structural aircraft aluminum and has a regulated driver.  Full heatsinking of the driver and LED insure that the module can, and will, run at maximum output for extended periods. The LED is a Cool White Cree XP-G2.  It will easily illuminate objects at a distance of 1000+ feet and will light a 2 inch red reflector at a distance of more than 1/4 mile.  If you shine someone with this at night, within a 100 ft radius, they should see spots for a good 8-10 seconds.

The module retains the focusing ability of the flashlight. It operates on easily available D size alkaline batteries with a runtime is 2.5+ hours for the 2 Cell version with each additional cell adding 2-3 hours of runtime. The light is great for distance and spotting.

C Cell Version also available on special order. Contact Us for more info.

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The light must have a "D" as the first character of the Serial Number for a proper fit.  If your light is an older Maglite without a "D" you will need to purchase a D Size Adapter Sleeve, contact us if you need this item.

This dropin will Not Work in Maglite LED Flashlights without a user removable light bulb.  Please check to see if your flashlight has a user removable light bulb before purchase.

In order to use this dropin the rear end of stock reflector must be cut off within 1/8th inch of the base of the cone.  Just make sure not to cut into the cone itself when making the cut.  PreCut Maglite Reflectors are available Click Here.