S&J Hardware Nano Linear Compensator


S&J Hardware Nano Linear Compensator


The Linear compensator is designed to direct the gas on a forward direction, away from the shooter.

Its architecture has been improved from the classic layout of the linear compensator. As a result, the six side holes are no longer parallel with the bullet hole, but at a slight angle for a swirl effect. Also, the front end of the compensator is optimized to increase the effect of bullet stabilizing.

  • 1.5" Long
  • Less than 1" outside diameter (.920")
  • 2 flats for easy installation.
  • CNC-machined out of steel
  • Matte Black finish.
  • Crush Washer included
Calibre & Finish:
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NLC-1 is the Nano Linear Comp with Smooth Exterior 1.5 inch long

NLC-2 is the Nano Linear Comp with Fluted Exterior 1.5 inch long

  • .223/5.56 compensators have standard 1/2x28 threads
  • .308/7.62 compensators have 5/8x24 threads
  • 9mm/.40 x 28 compensators have 1/2x28 threads
  • 9mm/.40 x 36 compensators have 1/2x36 threads
  • .223/5.56 Smooth weighs 95g
  • .223/5.56 Fluted weighs 90g
  • .308/7.62 Smooth weighs 80g
  • .308/7.62 Smooth Fluted 75g