Now Accepting Bitcoins

GunGear is happy to announce that we now accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. We are really excited about the possibilities provided by the revolutionary crypto currency and are eager to support and encourage the adoption of this new form of currency.

Our current platform does not offer native support for digital currency, so we are using Coinbase as our payment processor. Payment will be pegged to Coinbase's Exchange Rate plus 1% to offset their conversion fees (US to CAD) and the bank's ACH fees which Coinbase passes on to us.

Due to the lack of native support for Bitcoin, we are unable to integrate it directly into our shopping cart, instead we ask that any customer desirous of using bitcoin as payment to use the ORDER FORM BELOW or EMAIL US with the details of their purchase and we will then send a Coinbase Invoice requesting payment in bitcoin, once the network has verified the transfer, we will send a receipt and ship the product.