Heavy Buffers


Heavy Buffers

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The buffer weight is a fundamental part of the cycling operation of any AR platform rifle. The standard carbine buffer works for majority factory guns but as you start getting in custom configurations with shorter barrels, reduced mass BGCs or even just hotter loads you can start to experience timing issues. This is where heavier buffers come in. In general terms, if you have a shorter barrel, a commercial BCG or are shooting hotter loads you need a heavier buffer

Below is the average buffer weights for comparison.

Carbine - 3.0 oz

H1 - 3.8 oz

H2 - 4.7 oz

H3 - 5.6 oz

Please note that you will get more value for your dollar if you buy a complete buffer tube set from us instead of just buying the buffer alone.

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AR Buffer Composition

Carbine – 3 oz. – 3 steel weights

Heavy (H) – 3.8oz. – 1 tungsten weight + 2 steel weights

H2 – 4.7oz. – 2 tungsten + 2 steel weights

H3 – 5.6oz – 3 tungsten weights

Rifle Length – 5.0oz. – 5 steel weights + 1 steel spacer